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Josh Nichols – Associate Attorney

Josh Nichols, a 2012 graduate of Montana School of Law, is an attorney admitted to practice in Montana state and federal courts. Raised in Beatrice, Nebraska, Josh earned a B.A. in journalism from the University of Nebraska in 2001. He moved to western Colorado after graduation where he worked as a newspaper editor and reporter for eight years. When he returned to law school in 2009, he served as editor-in-chief of the Public Land and Resources Law Review, a member of the Negotiation Team, and an advisor to first-year students as a member of the school’s Junior Partner Program. 
After law school, Josh served four years as a Judge Advocate in the United States Air Force, serving two years as a prosecutor and two years advising eastern United States Air Force bases on environmental compliance matters. He is an Afghanistan War veteran. Josh joined BEBT in the summer of 2017, and he continues service in the United States military as a Judge Advocate with the Montana Air National Guard.

He and his wife, KP, returned to Missoula because they want their young children, Teddy and Cricket, to grow up trekking hills, climbing rocks, and running the rivers of western Montana.

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